You cram your belongings into your locker and clock in for work, beginning yet another day of freelancing for Grizzco Industries. You grab a cheap cup of coffee from the break room, toss half a muffin to Fluffernutter who is bouncing jovially on top of the copy machine, and go to the control room to pick up your assignment for the day. When you get there, though, things are far from normal.

The bonus counter is boarded up shut. The lights in the training room are dimmed. There's bright yellow caution tape sectioning the room in two. To your shock and utter horror, you realize that Mr. Grizz's radio is on the ground, shattered into pieces, and outlined in white chalk.

"Hey hey hey, back it up! This is an active crime scene!" You see Marigold standing by the caution tape wearing a hi-vis vest and holding a clipboard. She looks serious. "Did you get in through the back door? Ugh, I told the rookie to close that off...!"

"What happened to Mr. Grizz?"
Slide under the caution tape and inspect the crime scene.