"I mean it. No footage," Dan says with a shrug. "Around 2 o'clock this morning, the recording cuts out. I've only been able to salvage some stills. Here, see?" He types something in on the keyboard and brings up some images on the screens.

The first image is of the front lobby, totally normal. The second is of the front lobby, a few minutes later, but Mr. Grizz's radio is missing. The third, taken a few minutes after that, shows the front lobby again, the radio still gone, and the shattered pieces are now on the ground.

"Weird, right?" Dan says as he munches on some chips. "I dunno who couldve hacked the security cams like that. These stills were not easy to find, I tell ya."

"Who the heck was here at 2am?"
"Dont YOU know how to mess with the security footage?"