Day off? Heck yeah, you'll take that. Maybe you'll get to spend the day relaxing at Mahi Mahi instead of fighting for your life against a bunch of fish armed with frying pans.

You bounce out of the research department office and head back towards your locker and the time clock. You hear a weird... chanting? Coming from the kitchen, but you remember that it's Saturday and it's time for the weekly fridge sacrifice anyway. Jenna always has her hands full with that.

As you approach the lockers to start putting your stuff away, you hear Marigold clear her throat behind you. "Oh, one more thing, sweetie," she says. "Since this is an active crime scene, no one is allowed to leave until the crime is solved! So sorry!"

You're pretty sure thats not how active crime scenes work, but you are also too afraid of Marigold to go against a direct order like that. Looks like you're trapped here for now. Great.

Go back to Katies office.
Investigate the chanting in the kitchen.