"I think she's still at home asleep right now. She should be in later, though. We all left here pretty late last night, and she's not a morning person on the best of days," Katie says. You can relate. Odd, though, that the head mod is suspiciously absent...

You ask what times everyone left last night.

"Let's see..." Katie starts counting on her fingers as she recalls. "Everyone was present and accounted for at the mod meeting last night. The meeting ended around midnight. Vex, Den, and Jenna were all good noodles and went home right after the meeting. Dan and Silv left about a half hour later. Kimura and Ben left around 1, and Ashe and I went home at 1:30. I'm honestly not sure if Kiera ever left or not. She tends to just sleep here. She's usually in the armory, since it's pretty quiet in there."

"Ashe did it, admit it!"
Head to the armory.