"I got in at around seven, and the radio was broken when I got here. I called Marigold, and she showed up, like, twenty minutes later." She leans back in her chair and takes a long sip of her coffee. “We had a mod meeting last night, you know. We were trying to come up with ideas for this years April Fool's Day. Like, Osha Inspection 2 Electric Boogaloo or something. All the mods were here: me, Ashe, Ben, Kiera, Dan, Silv, Kimura, Jenna, Den, and Vex. Oh, and Fluffernutter, of course! And the meeting let out at around midnight, but I stuck around until 1:30. When I left, the radio was still in one piece.”

You ask her how much sleep she got. She takes another sip of her coffee.

"Ashe did it, admit it!"
Head to the armory.