You sit down next to Kimura and hold out a hand for some popcorn. She nods and passes the bowl to you, and you pop back a few kernels.

"This is great," she says.

You ask her if she should maybe be trying to help.

"See, I would," she says with a hefty sigh, "but alas, I am on vacation." She points to a badge on her jumpsuit that reads Vacation Baby. "I ain't doing anything except kicking back and watching."

You ask her how much she's seen, and if she has any insight into the case.

"Oh please, I could've solved this whole murder by now," she says with a grin. "But, once again, I am on vacation. So I can't."

You ask her for a hint. Pretty please.

"Hm... Help Jenna get down from the fridge for me, and I'll tell you something. Sound fair?"

Grab a mop and help Jenna!
Grab some cup noodles and help Ben!
Ask Fluffernutter how he feels about his newfound seniority within the company.