You approach Fluffernutter, happily bouncing away on the copy machine as it prints out page after page of his little butt. He looks at you blankly, but doesn't stop bouncing.

You ask him about his newfound seniority within the company. He tilts his head to the side, confused.

There are a lot of new Smallfry here, you point out. And he's the Smallfry who's been here the longest. Therefore, he's the senior-i-est Smallfry at Grizzco.

He tilts his head the other way. You're not entirely sure whether or not he can even understand inkling. He might just understand sandwiches and photocopying his butt.

Gosh, you wish that were you.

Sit down next to Kimura and ask her to share her popcorn.
Grab a mop and help Jenna!
Grab some cup noodles and help Ben!