You dip into the armory and see Silv there, pouring over some paperwork. You can faintly hear Kiera snoring in the back corner of the room.

"Oh, hi there," they mutter, barely looking up from their logbook. "You haven't seen a stray Dynamo Roller lying around, have you? One seems to be missing..."

You ask who checked out Dynamo rollers yesterday. You don't know many Grizzco employees actually use those behemoths, so you can't imagine many people have been taking them out.

"Dynamo Rollers... lets see... Ah, here it is," Silv mutters as they flip through the book. "Looks like Ashe and Ben both took out Dynamos yesterday. It doesn't say who returned the one we have, though. I TOLD Mr. Grizz that we needed to put some serial numbers on these things..."

"Where's Ben?"
Wake up Kiera.