You join Ben in trying to feed these clearly very hungry little Smallfry. He's almost out of stale muffins, so you grab some instant ramen from the cupboard and start breaking apart the noodle pucks and throwing them crumbs. The little guys just go absolutely crazy for the stuff, and once you feed them all the ramen, they scamper off to go take a nap somewhere. Jenna slides down from atop the fridge, whining about how that was her lunch.

"Good work," Ben says, relieved. "I was honestly starting to get a little concerned that they would eat Jenna."

You ask where the heck all these Smallfry came from, anyway.

"No one seems to know," Ben shrugs. "They sure are cute, though! So what if they eat everything they come across and they're barely potty trained? I think they're a wonderful and important asset to this company. Whoever brought them in sure must be a cool and handsome person, I bet."

You shoot Ben a look and ask him if he smuggled in all the Smallfry.

"What! Me! No, I would never!" he cries loudly. "I can't believe my ears! I'm so appalled that I'm going to leave and do something else! Goodbye!" Ben marches stiffly out of the kitchen. You roll your eyes.

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