You lock yourself in the closet, holding Mr. Grizz in one arm and the Dynamo in the other. The perp will never find you in here...

Oh, theres a Smallfry in here with you. It's hard to see because its so dark, but you feel him bouncing against your foot. Hi there, buddy!

... He's eating your shoe. You can feel a nibbling on your toe, and when you move your foot, his head moves with it.

"Hey," you whisper and nudge him with the Dynamo. "Quit it!"

"BAWAGGAGHH," the Smallfry yells, and as you loudly shush him, the door to the closet opens and Vex and Den scramble inside. They close the door again behind them, and in the dim light, you can see them hold their fingers up to their lips.

"The killer is out there," Vex whispers. "We don't know who it is, but--"

"They got Dan!" Den mutters. "He was just talking about how he was going through all the footage from yesterday, and then when we went to see him again, he was splatted! Just a puddle!"

Feed the Smallfry your boot so you can keep hiding in here.
You wont let them get away with this! Go avenge Dan!