You intend to fight Dynamo with Dynamo, so it's a good thing you know where the other Dynamo is. You hoof it across the building, with Ashe (carrying Grizz) hot on your heels. Dan and Vex try to keep up, but unfortunately get left behind. Oh well, they can't get splatted any more then they already have.

You all burst through the kitchen, blowing past Kimura and Jenna, and you yell a quick "Run for your lives!" at them before diving headfirst into the supply closet. You brush aside five or so Smallfry who are busy eating a broom, and you pick up the hidden Dynamo. There you go. You feel much safer now.

"Since when was that there?" Ashe says when she sees you emerge from the closet with your new weapon. "Dont tell me you're actually the murderer."

"Don't tell me that guy is still running around!" Jenna says. She's leaning up against the water cooler, playing a rhythm game on her phone. "You didn't catch them yet?"

"No," you say slowly. "That's why I said to run for your life. And then grabbed a Dynamo."

She shrugs. "That could mean anything. Besides, Ben has a Dynamo, too." She points back to the entrance to the kitchen, and you see Ben standing there, menacingly holding a roller that matches your own, though covered in multicolored ink.

Ben takes one step forward. "Drop the Dynamo," he says, "and no one has to get hurt."

Drop the Dynamo.
Do not drop the Dynamo.