You pick up Mr. Grizz's radio, get to your feet, and walk back to the main lobby, where Marigold is still supervising the pile of wood chips and caution tape. Now that you're looking at it again, there aren't any obvious mechanical pieces among the wood, and the tape looks half-chewed up by Smallfry. If you had to guess, Ben was probably the one who smuggled them into the office, and he got in trouble for it. That's a logical reason to go on a murder spree, you figure.

You hand Marigold Mr. Grizz, and she yelps in delight. "Oh, you found him! He's alive! This is wonderful!"

"Yep. Ben did it," you say.

"Oh, how terrible! Did you stop him?"

"Nope," you say with a nod. You take off your Grizzco hat and slip back into your street clothes. "Let me know when he get's arrested, okay?"

You hear another splat coming from near the armory. Marigold looks pale. "What?" she asks. You wave goodbye and head out the door, ready to go home after a long day of not working.

"Well, another mystery solved," you say after only having ever solved one mystery ever. "I wonder if the Shoal is hiring."


Hope Ben doesn't get you in your sleep!