You, your fallen friends, all the Grizzco sleuths working together as one... You Booyah the heck out of that Bomb, and send it flying right at Ben's face. Is it a little overkill? Maybe. The hole in the ceiling of the kitchen says yes. Justice says no.

You use your Dynamo to res all the fallen mods, and you bring Ben in his little inner tube to Marigold, still waiting in the front lobby.

She sees the rubble and dust coating your hat and shoulders, and Ben thoroughly unconscious in his tube, and says, "Huh. Just another day at Grizzco, I see."

You shrug. "I've had worse."

"Yeah," Mr. Grizz says. "We just had to grin and BEAR it."

then you all laugh, and the frame freezes, and the credits start to roll, bringing an end to our adventure today. Everyone gets revived, Ben goes to the brig, and Grizz even gives you a bonus for saving the day. You win!


And then we all go to Denny's :)