You clap your hands together and gasp. "It's Kimura! It has to be!" you exclaim.

"What?" Ashe asks. "What makes you think that?"

You hum and consider it. While you can't think of a potential motive, she does have the vibe of someone who offs her boss and then comes in to work the next day anyway, just for the heck of it. And she knew that Grizz was hidden in the supply closet! She probably told you where to find him just for the sheer drama of it all!

Plus, what did she mean by I'm on vacation? Is that her way of saying shes on the run from the law?!

You open your mouth to explain all of this, when almost as if on cue, you hear another loud SPLAT come from outside. You grab Grizz and throw the security room door open and bolt out, the others hot on your heels to see whats going down.

Across the hall, you see Jenna, standing outside the door to the armory. Or, she would be standing, if she hadn't been splatted as well. She's just a puddle of ink in a life preserver now, and she quickly hops up to you and desperately blurbles.

You revive her, and she scrambles back to her feet. "Nope!" she says, and skedaddles into the security office, closing the door behind her. "Nope nope nope!"

You look up and down the hallway. You dont see the culprit anywhere, but they have to be close.

Go to the armory! Arm your friends!
Go all lone wolf and track the culprit down!