Hey! That's not Kimura! Imposter! You slam down with the Dynamo, and you feel it clang against another Dynamo and ink flies everywhere. In the dim red light, you can just make out Ben, scowling at you.

"You saw through my perfect ruse! How?!"

You smirk. That's for you to know and for him to never find out. "Your reign of terror ends now, fiend! I'll teach you to impersonate Kimura!"

"He did what?" Kimura asks, poking her head out from the kitchen. "Look, I can excuse murder, but I draw the line at slander. Or libel. Whichever." She strolls up and hands you a pouch containing a special. "Here. Had an extra one of these in my locker. Knock yourself out."

"What? Hey!" Ben groans, struggling to hold you back with his Dynamo. "Not fair!"

You look down at the special youve just been handed and smile. Its time to end this once and for all.