Oh yeah, you have a Dynamo, too. Duh. In one smooth motion that should honestly be a victory emote, you knock Ben's legs out from under him and hop to your feet. You brandish your Dynamo right above him and smile.

"Hey, guys? I could use a hand!"

On command, Kimura emerges from the kitchen, Silv and Kiera step out of the armory, Katie comes out of the main office, and Ashe, Dan, Jenna, Den, Vex, and Fluffernutter join you from the security office. They all put a hand (or flipper) either on you or on the handle of the Dynamo.

"Uhh, hey guys," Ben says, shaking. "I can explain!"

You don't wait to hear it. Your Dynamo comes crashing down with the mighty power of all your friends, and all that remains of Ben is a splotch on the floor and a bobbing life preserver. Triumphant, you bring Ben in his little inner tube to Marigold, still waiting in the front lobby.

She sees the rubble and dust coating your hat and shoulders, and Ben thoroughly unconscious in his tube, and says, "Huh. Just another day at Grizzco, I see."

You shrug. "I've had worse."

"I dont know," Mr. Grizz says. "We BEARly made it out of there!"

And then you all laugh, and the frame freezes, and the credits start to roll, bringing an end to our adventure today. Everyone gets a high five, Ben goes to the brig, and Grizz even gives you a bonus for saving the day. You win!


And then we all go to Denny's :)