You hold your hands up placidly, showing that you are unarmed and are in fact, not the killer. Jenna is already mid-swing though, and as she says "Oops," you get smooshed and splatted by the Dynamo. Ouch. You grumble angrily at her as she quickly revives you again and pulls you into the closet by the collar of your jumpsuit.

"Sorry, sorry!" she hisses as she pats the dust and ink off of you. "I thought you were gonna splat me! Be louder next time!"

You ask her if that would have made any difference. She shrugs.

"Maybe not, but you never know. What's happening out there, anyway?"

You give her the whole rundown of who you've seen and who you haven't. She confirms that yup, Kimura is still in the kitchen chilling, and as far as she knows, Silv and Kiera are still in the armory. "Did you see where Ben ran off to? After you saved me from the Smallfry, he sort of vanished…"

You hear a quiet burbling at your feet, and look down to see a Smallfry currently chewing on a roll of paper towels. Hey there, little guy! Speaking of Smallfry, there sure have been a lot of them around as of late… And Ben did sure seem awfully attached to the little guys…

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jenna asks grimly.

"Yeah, Ben is the murderer!"
"Yeah, Kimura is the murderer!"
"Yeah, the Smallfry are the murderers!"
"Yeah, we SHOULD grab Denny's after this!"