You make a mad dash for the armory and swim under the locked door, distantly wondering why locks exist in this world at all. You stand up and look around for the nearest weapon. It looks like Silv and Kiera had the same idea; both of them are splatted on the floor right in front of the weapons rack. A pair of Dualie Squelchers and a Squiffer lie sadly on the ground in front of them.

"'Scuse me, pardon me, sorry," you mumble as you gingerly step through them to get to the weapons rack. You don't have much time to pick and choose, unfortunately, as that's when Ben starts to slam the door down with his Dynamo.

You grab a Splatana Stamper and a random special from the rack as the door gets blown right off its hinges. Ben enters slowly, menacingly, his roller dripping with fresh ink. It's really pretty grim for a silly April Fool's day event. Either way, he lines up a vertical flick, and you charge forward with your Splatana to intercept. Your weapons collide in a splatter of ink, and you're both pushing against each other, trying to gain the upper hand.

"Look, I don't want to have to do this!" Ben says. "All this over a few Smallfry! Can you believe it? It doesn't have to be this way!"

"All this over some Smallfry?!"

"So I smuggled a couple back on the helicopter! Mr. Grizz is acting like it's the end of the world and he gave me a pay cut, but you and I know that it's no big deal, right? Mr. Grizz is way too stuck up as a boss! It's high time we stopped living under his iron thumb!"

"I don't even think bears have thumbs," you say.

"Whatever!" Ben groans. "Just get out of my way!"

He pushes down harder with his Dynamo, and you know you cant overpower him like this. There's only one thing left to do... you reach up for your special, and…