Why would you ever want to leave the comfort and safety of the closet? Especially if Smallfry are the culprit. There's a lot more of them than there are of you, even if you do have a Dynamo!

Oh, but there is this one Smallfry in here with you. You can't let it get away with this! You and Jenna outnumber it, so you easily dispatch it with a swift bonk with the Dynamo. It lets out a little cry as it's splatted, and you can't help but feel a little bad for it. You splat these things all day long on the job, but it feels different here in the office.

Just as you're about settled in and getting comfy in your new home, the closet door opens. Ben is there, holding an ink-stained Dynamo in his hands and looking absolutely furious.

“Uh…” you and Jenna say eloquently.

“You killed Pierre!” Ben practically growls at you as he takes a step forward. You take a step back into the ink puddle on the floor. Oops. You guess that was Pierre. Double oops. You think that maybe the Smallfry aren't the murderers.

Ben takes his Dynamo in both hands and rushes towards you in a mighty swing. What do you do?

Use Jenna as a human shield!