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The tumblr blog Salmon Run Tips began on October 22nd, 2017, when Ashe, Katie, and Kiera decided they weren't satisfied with the paltry amount of SR information available on the web. Not too long later, on March 17th, 2018, the Grizzco Break Room discord server was born. Our community is all about helping each other improve at the game, and we have a good mix of beginners, intermediate players, and even some overfishers. We stream Salmon Run regularly (well, slightly less regularly these days--thanks, capitalism) and have hosted a number of server Splatfests in the past. Come by and hang out with us!

Kiera // She/Her // Discord Moderator // Writer // Procrastinator

Kiera is an occasional writer and a cartoon enthusiast. She is a head moderator in The Grizzco Break Room and helps keep an eye on things when everyone else is asleep. She enjoys chatting about her interests and analyzing fictional characters. In her free time, she reads, writes, plays video games, listens to music, plays D&D, and watches tons of cartoons.

Dan // He/Him // Streamer // Graphic Designer // Artist // Expert in Kirbology // Chilihead

We really don’t know what Dan is. One minute he forgets how to swim, the next minute he’s successfully infiltrated the opposing team’s Clam Blitz basket. We know he responds to mention of spicy food, pugs, Smash Bros., and especially Kirby. He does graphic design and livestreams for the team. Other than that, he’s just a really swell guy. I should know, I’m his best friend!

- Fluffernutter

Kimura // She/Her // Discord Moderator // Artist // Certified Funny Queen

Kimura is a Photoshop Wizard and looking to head into the Zoology field. She’s got a huge heart for animals and thoroughly enjoys working with most species. She can also work well with humans! When acting as a Discord moderator, she’s the one who can get conversations started or subtly de-escalate any issues that might be arising. She can balance being funny and cracking jokes with being a serious, no nonsense moderator. While not on Mod Duty, Kimura can be found playing video games, photo editing, sewing, reading, or going on a search engine deep dives, learning about various obscure subjects.

Jenna // She/Her // Content Writer // Artist // Professional Panda Lover

Jenna is a biologist in the making! She has a knack for quickly picking up tasks given to her and is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever she can. She enjoys socializing with others and makes sure that everyone she talks to feels welcomed and safe. In her free time, you’ll usually find her drawing, doing math or chemistry work, or going over old ballet choreography in her head.

Den // Cauden // They/He // Discord Moderator // Overfisher // Verified Swampert Kin

Den is the resident Europe mod and experienced Overfisher. They live for the salmon grind and will assist those who look to climb the ranks and improve their skills. They keep an eye on the server when the other mods are not available and will help users as quickly as possible. When not grinding, they're usually drawing or watching speedruns.

Vex // They/She // Discord Moderator// HR manager

Vex is the mod that keeps an eye out on the server to make sure things are going well, and if you feel something is amiss, you can tell her. She’s very good at deescalating and talking things out and making sure everyone is happy in the end. Outside of discord, Vex is an avid DnD player, trying to teach herself how to roller skate, and enjoys watching horror movies. They’re also a big metalhead and can be found jamming out to metal wherever she goes (you might even hear her sing in very rare moments)!

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