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Ahoy there, employees! Welcome to the break room! This is a site for the discord server, Grizzco Break Room! Check out some Salmon Run tips and guides, learn a little more about your favorite mod squad, and catch up on fun server events.

Explore the site to find out more about us, the Grizzco Research Department, and find links to all the various things we've done. Use the two icons below to check out the tumblr blog and the discord server. Happy fishing!

-Mod Katie

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Morning Grizzco! Updated the EOTM page with our newest winners--congrats to Vice and Knight! I also added in the rule sets for the July, August, and September challenges. Happy fishing!


Ahoy, Grizzco! No major news this time--just pleased to announce our newest Empolyee of the Month, Lilo! Happy Sizzle Season and happy pride, everyone!


Wow, perfectly on time! Hi there, Grizzco! Stopping by to congratulate this month's Employee of the Month, Teck! In other major server news, head mod Ashe is on break, and Junior Mod Knight has once again been welcomed aboard to help us keep an eye on things in the meantime! We've also been testing out Splatoon 2sdays this past month, a weekly celebration of Splatoon 2, and it's been going great! Since it's pretty frequent and informal, I won't be including information about it on the events page, but I thought I'd mention it here anyway. Please swing by if you can on Tuesdays for some chill games of Splat 2! The only other bit of news I have for y'all is that I've made a bit of a breakthrough with updating the coding for the Grizzco Employee Dress Up game, so there may or may not be an update coming to that in the coming months ;) April Fools archive is on the back burner for now--sorry, it's just not interesting me right now, and that's how this site operates! I do have screencaps saved from the whole event, so nothing will get lost in the meantime. I just don't feel like uploading it and combing through everything xP but anyway, that's it for now! Catch you all later!


Hey, look at me! Updating close to the first of the month for once! I hope everyone enjoyed the Kamabo Co. corporate takeover for April Fool's this year! I'm already working on getting a Best Of up on the Events section of the site, so hopefully it won't be too long until that's up! Thanks everyone for playing along and making the day extra special, as always :) I'd also like to congratulate our newest Employee of the Month and resident Flyfish splatter, Den! You can now find all Q2 EOTM challenge information up on the EOTM Rules page, or in the #Employee of the Month channel in the server. That's all for now, everyone! Stay fresh!


Hi there, employees! What's this? Two updates in one month? Why, it can only mean... Grizzco Break Room's 6th Anniversary! Birthday? Whatever. It's both. Anyway, thank you all so much for being a part of this awesome community over the years! Your mods love you all very much. To celebrate the occasion, there's a new addition to the Goodies page--Grizzco TV! Watch back clips from old Splatfests and events, tune into vods, and get your Grizzco Break Room fix all in one convenient place! As of right now, we've only found the VHS tape for the clips from our first-ever Splatfest, but more are sure to be found in the future! Check it out and enjoy!

If you run into anything that doesn't work quite right, please reach out and let the mods know! We'll send Fluffernutter over to smack the TV and adjust the antennae right away. I do have one other piece of news today, and it's that the Big Run Champ page has been updated! Check and see how your fellow employees did with the recent Big Run at Eeltail Alley!

That's it from me. Take care, Grizzco!


Hey gang! Just popping in to give a quick congrats to our newest Employee of the Month, Swampman! The EOTM page has been updated to showcase our lovely winners so far this year. This month's competition is based on Flyfish splats, and with Big Run coming up very very shortly, it's sure to be exciting! Remember to stretch those wrists, drink lots of water, and have fun!


Ahoy, employees! Long time no see! It's been uhhhh checks watch a bit? It's been a bit. But hopefully we should be a bit more active now in the new year! I don't have any major updates to report, but I did update the Employee of the Month pages for 2024, and an update for the Big Run Champ page is coming as well! Take care, everyone!

EDIT: Surprise! I had a little extra free time today so I added our lovely collection of Valentines to the site! Tis almost the season, after all!

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