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Hello, Grizzco! Whoops, it sure is the middle of the month again! How about that mid-season patch? I'm hype as heck for Splatoween! First, let me announce September's Employee of the Month: Judas Swampman! Congrats, Swampman! The EOTM page has been updated to showcase your glory. And in other news, this site is now proudly a member of the Splatnet webring! Click around and check out the other sites in the webring and have fun exploring! And a big thanks to Beau from Splatnet from helping me troubleshoot :) That's all for this time! Stay fresh!


Hi Grizzco! It's been a while! Sorry, I was kind of busy getting married and all that jazz ;) Let's get into it! Employee of the Month this month was none other than Daydreamer with 2839 power eggs! Congrats, Daydreamer!

I have one site update to share with all of you: the Big Run Champ Hall of Fame is now live! Now our Big Run Champs will never be forgotten. Live on in our hearts, Chum Buckets! That's all I've got for now, so have a great weekend and stay fresh!


Hi, Grizzco! Quick update before the month ends: Info for 2019's Blessed Food Vs. Cursed Food Bloodmatch is now available to view on the Events page! Go relive the glory of pumpkin spiced spam and all the other disgusting cuisines that reigned victorious that day. More past event info will hopefully be coming soon!

Also, please note that myself, Ashe, and a bunch of the mods are going to be MIA next week, as Ashe and I are getting married! So if we don't get to announce Employee of the Month for a few days, cut us some slack, will ya? ;) Stay fresh out there, gang!


Good morning, Grizzco! It's been a busy month! First of all, thank you for playing and enjoying the April Fool's game! Seeing everyone reminisce and discover new endings really put a smile on my face :) I hope it put a smile on yours, too!

Next bit of news: our new Employee of the Month! Everyone say congrats to Den! Your fish murdering skills are much appreciated.

And finally, the biggest update of all: hey, since when is there a Goodies link in the navigation? And what's this? Why, it's the new Grizzco Employee Maker Dressup Game! That's right, version 1.0 of a brand new dressup game is online and ready for you all to play on desktop! Have fun and share your creations in the server! We can't wait to see what you all make!

Have a fantastic weekend, Grizzco! Take care!


Hey Grizzco, long time no see! Before I continue, I'd be remiss to not mention our Employees of the Month for May and June: M and Lime! Congrats, you two!

Now, for the real meat of this update: the archive of the Grizzco Break Room's April Fool's Day 2023 is live! Relive the chaos of the Detective Collective trying to solve a mystery and go to Denny's! Check out the gallery of everyone's fanart! And finally, play through the whole adventure yourself and discover all the new paths and endings that weren't available on April Fool's Day! I really hope you all enjoy it! It was a big undertaking to put together, and I'm pleased with how it turned out :) I hope you all have a wonderful Splatfest!


Howdy Grizzco! Happy belated May, and a happy Employee of the Month to our newest winner, Merm! Go peep the updated EOTM page! In other news, the playable April Fool's choose-your-own-adventure is still on its way; all of the text has been written (can you say multiple new endings?) and now begins the arduous task of dumping it all on this site in a playable format. Keep watching this space for updates on that! Anyway, happy May, happy Splatfest, and happy all-random Salmon Run comp this evening! Now get back to work!


Happy April, Grizzco! Our favorite holiday of the year, April Fools Day, was once again a blast and a half! Thank you everyone who participated for making it so special! I hope to get a playable, 100% finished version of Grizzco Break Room and the Case of the Broken Radio up online for yall to play sometime soon, as well as a scrapbook of screencaps from the Detective's Office channel, so keep an eye out for that! We also have a brand new Employee of the Month: Lilo! Congrats! The EOTM page has been updated thusly with all the winners so far, so go check it out!


Hooray, it's finally March! That means its time for a new Employee of the Month to be crowned: Cauden! Check out their score over in the hall of fame. The About page is also slowly getting updated with a whole spiffy profile page for each staff member, so keep an eye on it!


Happy February! The Employee of the Month page has been updated with our newest winner: Minaraii! There's a new page in the Hall of Fame for just the 2023 winners, too.


Updated the About page with info about most of your favorite mods! This won't be the page's final form, but I just wanted to get something up there so it wasn't totally empty.


The Steampunk Vs. Cyberpunk Splatfest is now archived on the events page!


You might've noticed a lot of heavy construction going on lately! Well, I've finally got this site's layout looking the way I want it, so now all the pages are getting updated with a fresh coat of paint. Which means... drumroll... I can finally start adding some actual content! The EOTM page, events page, and about page are going to be my main priorities, so keep an eye on those!

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