Grizzco TV


After years of whining about things like "benefits" and "health care" and "getting paid in actual money," Mr. Grizz has finally decided to give us meager employees what we want, nay, what we deserve: a bunch of old VHS tapes and a staticy old TV in the break room! Relive some of your favorite Grizzco Break Room moments, or just kill some time by watching old stream clips and vods! The world is your oyster! As long as your oyster revolves around watching videos.

To start watching, simply select a tape below to load it into the TV! The TV has buttons to pause/play (only works with clips), bring you to the source of a video (usually Twitch or Youtube), and to fast forward/rewind through clips and vods. Clips are shuffled by default, while vods will play in chronological order. More video tapes will be coming in the future, so watch this space!

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