Splatfest 2019--Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk


From September 20 - September 21, 2019, the break room hosted our very first Splatfest, Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk! It asked participants to decide which world they would rather live in, one of steam power or one of advanced technology. There were approximately 40 participants and just under 200 games were played in this sci-fi battle!

The final score:


  • Steampunk: 52.1%
  • Cyberpunk: 47.9%
  • Winner: Team Steampunk

Turf War:

  • Steampunk: 5120.4
  • Cyberpunk: 4638.8
  • Winner: Team Steampunk


  • Steampunk: 38
  • Cyberpunk: 17
  • Winner: Team Steampunk

Overall Victor: Team Steampunk


We took plenty of clips of the Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk Splatfest. Check 'em out on Twitch!

Dan Accidentally Curses Frostine
Daydreamer! Do something!
The Great Dabbing Accident
Daydreamer geez
Dan Misses the Entire Game
Kiera Exposed Live on TV
Brella Protecc
Sponsored by Bath
*GASP* Brella Snipe! :O
All the Anakin Jokes
Dan's Final Plea for Help
Archbass, dead... Luke, dead... Frostine,
Protect the President Mk I
Amazing Comeback Victory!!
Frost Just Took it Home!!
Good Try Frostine u.u
Communication is Hard When You Can Only Say 2 1/2 Things
Double Dunk
M-Azing Roller Action
Dusty Chasing Down the Rainmaker
Junior Squad
Daydreamer Triple, Dan Wants a Burger
Oh God They're All Blobbers
Thanks for Dropping, Katie
Juking Frostine
Water: 2 Al: 0
Frost's Awesome Stingray Kill
Vampy Applying Pressure
On the Topic of Public Stonings...
Beautiful Super Splashdown Jump
Karkat, Calm Down!
Oof, Excellent Bomb Luke
Pinata Pit
Both Teams on the Edge
They're Holding It
Baller Vs. Booyah Bomb
Dummy Quick
Accidental Memeing of Anakin
Holy Mackerel!
Dandy is GOING!!
Karkat Getting Two Kills While Dan Complains
Ember Has a Snail Problem
Double-Kill Dusty
Get Punk'd!
Know Your Shapes
Blu3 Threading the Needle
Roller Rain
Frame Perfect Jump Dunk
Anakin is Being Very Sneaky...
Final Match is Go!
Steampunk Sweep!

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