"I got in at around seven, and the radio was broken when I got here. I called Marigold, and she showed up, like, twenty minutes later." She leans back in her chair and takes a long sip of her coffee. “We had a mod meeting last night, you know. We were trying to come up with ideas for this year's April Fools Day. Like, Osha Inspection 2 Electric Boogaloo or something. All the mods were here: me, Ashe, Ben, Kiera, Dan, Silv, Kimura, Jenna, Den, and Vex. Oh, and Fluffernutter, of course! And the meeting let out at around midnight, but I stuck around until 1:30. When I left, the radio was still in one piece.”

You ask her how much sleep she got. She takes another sip of her coffee.

"When did everyone else leave?"
"Where's Ashe?"