"The armory, huh? Sure, one sec." Dan licks the spicy dust off his fingers, cracks his knuckles, and gets to work, bringing up the footage from the day before and scrubbing through to the interesting bits. There were lots of clips of people taking out dualies, hydras, pros, and stampers from the comp that just ended, and a few folks taking out random weapons for private runs. You see Ashe and Ben taking out Dynamos early in the afternoon, and a few hours later, Ashe brings hers back.

Aha, you think. You've got it. Ben must've stolen a Dynamo! But only an hour after that, there's a clip of Ben returning his. Dang it.

"Weird," Dan says. "And you said there's still a Dynamo missing from the armory? That makes no sense. Silv's spreadsheets are so thorough... Strange. I wonder where it went."

You ask where Ashe and Ben are now.

"I think I saw Ben in the kitchen earlier, and I don't think Ashe is here yet. She'll probably come in later."

Go to the kitchen to find Ben.
"What about the rest of the footage?"
"You said something about another guy?"