You tuck Mr. Grizz under your arm and burst out of the supply closet, scaring the living daylights out of Den and Vex, who are right outside.

"AAH!" Den yells, nearly falling over in fright. "DONT GET ME!"

Vex stands next to him, unimpressed. "Oh, hey kid," she says. "You're the one who's been sleuthing around, right? C'mon, there's safety in numbers. Let's go see what that noise was about."

"On your feet, soldier," Mr. Grizz says from under your arm, and Den screams again.

"The ghost of Mr. Grizz! I've been a good squid this year, I swear!"

You and Vex scoop Den up off the ground and ignore their blubbering as you make your way back to the main offices. The three of you slam into the security office, and you gasp in absolute terror.

There are splashes of blue ink everywhere. Hot chips litter the floor. Fluffernutter is there, inconsolable. Ashe is there, too, looking completely shocked. And in the middle of it all, floating in an orange innertube, is Dan--or at least, what's left of him. He's been splatted, all right. He's hopping around in a circle, blurbling something that vaguely sounds like help, help!

"Oh fishpaste," Vex says under her breath. "The killer struck again!" She points at Ashe, who sputters.

"He was like this when I got here!" Ashe yells back. "I just showed up like five minutes ago, the boss is dead--"

"Not dead," Grizz says.

"Whatever," Ashe groans. "And now I'm getting called a murderer!"

"We've got to revive Dan!" Den says. Dan bubbles on the ground at their feet.

Right, none of you have weapons on you, and the killer is still out there. What do you do?

Get a weapon! Grab the dynamo!
Get a weapon! To the armory!
Check the security cam footage to see what Dan found!