While Vex and Den run out to grab weapons, you stay in the security room with Ashe, Dan, Grizz, and Fluffernutter to go through Dan's security tapes. Maybe he managed to scrounge up footage of who murdered Mr. Grizz the night before, or even better, who splatted Dan and where they ran off to.

As you and Ashe scrub through the footage, she sighs. "Yeah, I woke up to like, a gajillion messages on my phone this morning," she says. "Like, come on! It's a Saturday! It's a Splatfest! I don't want to come in to work! But noooo, Mr. Grizz is dead, and now Dan is too."

"Still not dead," Grizz says. You've rested him on the desk for the time being.

"Blblblbl," Dan says from the floor.

"BWAAAWWW" Fluffernutter cries, clinging to Dan's life preserver like its the only thing he has left in this world.

"Shh," Ashe says. "I think we've got something."

She brings an image up onto the big screen. It's dark, taken around 2:30 in the morning, of someone leaving Grizzco out the back door. Someone well-versed in using a Dynamo, who's been acting sort of cagey, and who has a reason to want to hurt Mr. Grizz...

"It's Ashe!"
"It's Kimura!"
"It's Ben!"
"It's Dan!"