You can revive Dan later. Theres a murderer afoot, and you need to protect everyone else! You usher everyone into the security office and close the door behind them. You absentmindedly hope that none of them are secretly the murderer, but you think they're all fine. You hold up your Dynamo, ready for anything. The murder could be anyone, and they could be anywhere...

So Ashe, Dan, Den, and Vex are all safe... The only ones still unaccounted for are Kimura, who's on vacation, Katie, who's in the main mod office, Marigold, Silv and Kiera, who are in the armory, Jenna, who's in the kitchen, and Ben, who is... oh dear, you have no idea where he went, do you? You last saw him in the kitchen, but--

The lights flicker out, and you're plunged into darkness. You hear Dan curse from inside the security room, and the frantic pushing of buttons and flipping of switches. "It was Fluffernutter!" he yells through the door. "I'll try to get the power back on as soon as I can!"

Tartar sauce. Theres a dull red flash of emergency lights in the ceiling, but it's not much to see by.

Creak. What was that? You raise your Dynamo. "Who's there?" you demand.

"Oh no, dont hurt me!" A voice cries. "It's just me, Kimura! I was just on my way to work a shift when the lights went out!"

Plausible. Let her go.
Lies! Slander! Attack!