You drop the Dynamo and back away slowly. You don't want anyone else getting splatted on your account. Ben walks up and places his foot on top of your Dynamo, holding it down. "Okay," he says, "now everyone back up against the wall. That includes Kimura."

You back up until you feel the kitchen counter hit the small of your back. You stealthily feel behind you for something, anything you can use. Let's see... blender... knives... ah-ha! A basket of muffins!

"Hey, Smallfry!" You call out to get their attention before flinging the basket of muffins at Ben's face. At least ten Smallfry immediately leap out of the woodwork and descend upon him like a pack of wolves. Or, uh, sea-wolves. Anyway, they scramble all over Ben, distracting him. What do you do?

Grab your Dynamo!
Run back to the armory!