Aww yeah. Time for some good old fashioned violence. You hoist up the Dynamo in both hands and squish the Smallfry at your feet. Time to raise some shell.

You kick open the door of the closet and you and Jenna burst out, stalking the halls with purpose as you keep a sharp eye out for any and all Smallfry. You roll over the ones that you'd found initially in the kitchen. You're feeling powerful and confident, pleased that you're finally solving this murder, one Smallfry at a time.

It's just as youre feeling confident, in fact, that Ben slams into the kitchen, wielding an ink-stained Dynamo and a furious look on his face. “Those,” he says angrily, “are my FRIENDS.”

Uh oh. Maybe the Smallfry weren't the murderers after all. Oops. You attempt to apologize, but it's a little too late for that.

Ben takes one step forward. “Drop the Dynamo,” he says, “and no one has to get hurt.”

Drop the Dynamo.
Don't drop the Dynamo.