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Ahoy there, employees! Welcome to the break room! This is a site for the discord server, Grizzco Break Room! Check out some Salmon Run tips and guides, learn a little more about your favorite mod squad, and catch up on fun server events.

The tumblr blog Salmon Run Tips began on October 22nd, 2017, when Ashe, Katie, and Kiera decided they weren't satisfied with the paltry amount of SR information available on the web. Not too long later, on March 17th, 2018, the Grizzco Break Room discord server was born. Our community is all about helping each other improve at the game, and we have a good mix of beginners, intermediate players, and even some overfishers. We stream Salmon Run regularly (well, slightly less regularly these days--thanks, capitalism) and have hosted a number of server Splatfests in the past. Come by and hang out with us!

Explore the site to find out more about us, the Grizzco Research Department, and find links to all the various things we've done. Use the two icons below to check out the tumblr blog and the discord server. Happy fishing!

-Mod Katie

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You might've noticed a lot of heavy construction going on lately! Well, I've finally got this site's layout looking the way I want it, so now all the pages are getting updated with a fresh coat of paint. Which means... drumroll... I can finally start adding some actual content! The EOTM page, events page, and about page are going to be my main priorities, so keep an eye on those!

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