"Who did this to me? How the heck am I supposed to know?" Mr. Grizz asks. "I don't have a camera attached to this thing. I can't see out of it. What, do you think my consciousness literally resides inside a wooden radio? I'm hundreds of miles away!" he yells. You try and hide your disappointment that he is not, in fact, actually a sentient radio. Oh, wait, you don't have to hide it, because he cant see you.

Hang on. You ask him if he knows who you are.

"No idea. I just guess randomly every time anyone talks to me. I'm gonna guess... Vice?"

You tell him hes like, 2% correct. He accepts this.

Suddenly, you hear a loud BANG from the other side of the building. What do you do?

Run to see what happened!
Lock yourself in the closet with Mr. Grizz and the Dynamo. They'll never find you in here...